The Natzi of the World War 2 era, often referred to as the Third Reich, were established under the national socialist workers party. The era of the Natzi's and the cruelty of the Nazi Military in World War 2 led by Adolf Hitler is a sad stain on human history, and a reminder of the evil that human beings are capable of.

On January 30 1933, Adolf Hitler was appointed as the chancellor of Germany. This was the beginning of the nightmare of evil that encompassed the world from that point on. After Hitler came unto power, he wasted no time establishing himself and began seeking more power, and he did this with sheer brutality.

The Natzi regime eliminated all other opposition, which helped them keep their grasp on the mantle of power. After squelching all other political parties in Germany, the Natzi's, led by Adolf Hitler, decided to wage war upon the world, which started Second World War.

On September 1st, 1939, Germany, under the Natzi regime, invaded Poland. Thus began the conquest of europe under Adolf Hitler, who was bent on destroying anyone who disagreed with him, and on conquering the world under the Natzi regime.

By late 1941, Germany and it's Military controlled nearly all of the baltic and mainland Europe. The world was in chaos, and the Natzi regime ruled with a iron fist. Hitler's sadistic plan to eradicate and eliminate all Jews from the face of the earth was underway, as the Natzi's methodically and systematically murdered millions of Jews in concentration camps, with precision, planning, and in the most cruel ways.

The Holocaust is a sad chapter in human history, one which must be observed and learned from. The Nazi regime was not able to execute their sinister plan without help and support on a massive scale. How could so many human beings take part in such cruel and inhumane acts? How could humanity stand by for so long to allow such things to happen? The answer to these questions may not be very hard to find.


There are many lessons to be learned from the rise and fall of the Third Reich, Nazi Germany and the Natzi regime, and even the life and death of it's leader Adolf Hitler. His cruelty, and the history of World War 2 provide an insight into the evils that man is capable of. We hope you enjoyed your visit. All rights reserved.

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