Natzi | World War 2 and the Military History of Nazi Germany and Adolph Hitler



The cruelty of the Natzi regime is well documented. Their motives were evil, and their methods inhumane. They were hell bent on the destruction of anything and anyone who did not conform to their way of thinking. The Natzi's changed human history, for the worst, leaving behind a world in chaos. And in those chaotic moments, in a world that seemed to be crashing down, mired in war and terror, humanity somehow found a way to overcome.

The lessons of the Natzi regime cannot be forgotten. If history does indeed repeat itself, then now, more than ever, we must study and learn from our past mistakes and tragedies. The Natzi regime can still return, only to be called a different name.

Perhaps one has to only look at the modern Nazi Skinhead for an insight into the hateful delusions that human beings are capable of subscribing to. Or simply open up the daily newspaper to see examples of modern day Holocausts still taking place. Will history look back on our generation the same way it looks back on the Natzi regime? How will history judge us?

There are many lessons to be learned from the rise and fall of the Third Reich, Nazi Germany and the Natzi regime, and even the life and death of it's leader Adolf Hitler. His cruelty, and the history of World War 2 provide an insight into the evils that man is capable of. We hope you enjoyed your visit. All rights reserved.